Go Blue Bangkok Bike & Boat Combo

Bicycle tours are basically a great way for travelers or even locals in Bangkok to get around the city, while exercising at the same time. There are a few questions most people would ask like why take a bicycle tour in Bangkok? Just keep in mind that a bicycle tour of Bangkok gives the opportunity of seeing the awesome country side at your own pace, since you get to decide how fast you want to go. It doesn’t really matter if you are with a group, most tour days are well-planned by the ideal tour organizers, which will help you have a wonderful sightseeing experience. It is also worth mentioning that joining a group makes things a lot easier since you are oftentimes provided with a tour guide to show you around in Bangkok.

Bicycling in big cities can be a bit hectic, but once you get to the rural areas you’ll be glad you decided to take a bicycle tour of Bangkok. It doesn’t matter if you are a foreigner in the city or someone that has been in Bangkok for long, anyone can enjoy a great bicycle tour; not to mention the kind of attention foreigners get when they are on bike. There’s basically a style for every type of bicycle tourist. Organized tours attract a lot of participants. In some cases, many of these tours are fairly expensive. They provide support vehicles, meals, hotels, domestic transportation, touring bike and other amenities for those on tour.

Go Blue – Bike Boat Combo Tour

Your stay in Bangkok will not be complete without taking the combo tour; this deal is simply awesome with lots of things to gain. You get to visit the “Artist-House” in the city and since it is a combo tour, you also get to take the 2 times amazing canal long-tail boat tour, which is basically 15km. Because Go Bangkok tours provides you with amazing guides for all tours, you also get pictures that are carefully captured by the guides, and given to you for free. The breath-taking landscape is simply amazing when you opt for the Go Bike Boat Combo tour in Bangkok. The experience goes beyond seeing amazing landscape, since Go Bangkok Tours also provides you with helmets and cycle bags, which are ideal for keeping items that might be lost easily.

Safety is of a very high priority and Go Bangkok Tours acknowledges that fact, which is why tourists are provided with personal accident insurance, an accident medical expenses insurance and a personal liability insurance. The types of bikes you get are also spectacular, since you can pick either a city bike, a mountain bike or even hybrid bikes for your Bangkok tour. With all the information provided about this awesome tour, all you need to do is book now to have a memorable experience. When you opt for the Bike Boat Combo tour in Bangkok, you can’t go wrong, since the timing is basically flexible i.e. daily 9am to 2pm and 1pm to 6pm.

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