Craving Thai food after a bicycle tour? Part 1

I bet you are! 

A Bicycle Tour builds up an appetite so where to go? Welcome to Bang Rak! The food-district Capital of Thailand! Dozens of Food Tours in Bangkok are located in this district and for a reason! Even the famous “Blue Elephant” cooking school takes its students to the local market next to our offices for just that!

“Food Food glorious food”. Its all around us day and night. The biggest magazines and newspapers in the world have written about the eateries surrounding our office. In this newsletter I will pick a few and describe the dish followed by a Pictures and Videos over the next few weeks.

Lets pick a few to get started:

1: Thip Hoi Thot Phu-khao Fai. (Crispy mussel/oyster pancakes). A generous load of pan-fried fresh mussels and oysters served on top of a bed of bean sprouts and eggs. Ad sweet and sour chili sauce as you please.

2: Jok Prince. (Rice congee). For over 50 years this family has been stewing it up. Located in a “dark” alley just to be seen from the main road this shop will never have a blank day in sales. As soon as the cooking begins people will line up for takeaway or eat in. Tables and chairs are available inside the alley. The rice congee can be enjoyed with its delicious pork meat balls as a standard dish or add an egg and/or many other items to choose from.

3: Khao Kha Moo. (Stewed Pork Leg). Just within 5 meters range of Jok Prince you will find one of its best doing the famous Stewed Pork leg with rice. You can choose from the fatty parts , just lean pork or a mix of both. For over 40 years they have been the specialist in this deliscious Thai dish.

4: Mr. Fried Banana. Simply cant miss this guy on the corner of the road. The line up of people will tell you there is something special going on.

So there you have it! The first of a series to come on where to eat deliciously after a bicycle Tour with Go Bangkok Tours. Of course you can also order dishes with us upon return at the HQ and enjoy them right here while having a fish spa and maybe an ice cold beer.

If you have not booked a bicycle tour with us just yet please head over to our most popular route by clicking HERE.

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