Free Wi-Fi any good at your Hotel in Bangkok?

The questions we get asked all the time when people book the bicycle tour with us is: “do you have free wi-fi”?

Yes we do and its fast too! There is nothing more annoying to be at a place that advertises FREE wi-fi that is not up to scratch. You looking forward to relaxing a bit to get in touch with family and friends while being abroad but if the advertised free Wi-Fi is not working as advertised its disappointing.

We have got you covered at Go Bangkok Tours but how will the wi-fi at the Hotel you booked from abroad function? Sure you can read the reviews on Tripadvisor to find out more but they might not always be up to date.

You can now find out from abroad if the Hotel you wish to book has a stable Wi-Fi. Check out the link below.


We hope you find the above tool useful.

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