Free drinks at TEP BAR Bangkok

FREE DRINKS @ Tep Bar Bangkok, the CULTURAL Bar in Bangkok!

Cycling is in my blood. Mind you; I am Dutch and was born with a bicycle. When out and about exploring Bangkok on my bike it is no difference. The bicycle goes with me period. Running Bicycle tours in Bangkok I am always on the lookout for new things to discover and so I came across this fantastic gem of a Bar.

When I first parked up and walked in here about 8 months ago I could not believe on what I stumbled upon. Once more I felt I had discovered something that was Fantastic. A feeling I have missed so much when out and about searching for impressions that blows you away. This was it and up till today I bring friends & customers with me to share this amazing bar.

Thai Booze, Thai Medicinal Shots, Thai ‘Xylophone ROCK’ Band & Thai steak has officially made Tep Bar a first for Bangkok!. There is simply nothing else around that comes even close to it. It’s a first!

Tugged away from eyesight in an almost creepy like little side street it might be hard to find at first. Mind you, even the GPS had problems trying to re-discover this gem on my 2nd time around! Cycling a few dead ends with a fried GPS here I was again. My heart started pounding upon hearing the band and felt right back at home.

So what is it that makes this bar so Special? For me it is the atmosphere. Its like walking back in time with the matching drinks, matching band and matching decor. Should you make the visit and redeem your FREE DRINK you’ll immediately know what I mean. The Thainess translated into the looks, sounds & taste.

Khun Asawin, the owner and Managing Director, and I started a chat on how great this bar is and how much my customers are in love with his cultural establishment. The next time I walked in he handed me an envelope with 30 FREE DRINK vouchers. “Here he said; For you to hand out to your customers!” So there you have it! For those who book a bicycle tour with Go Bangkok Tours and are thrilled to discover this bar we have now a limited 30 vouchers to give away!

Condition apply:

  1. 1 voucher per customer redeemable only
  2. Only valid for the Signature “Song-Kran” Cocktail. (Sweet and sour based – Delicious!)
  3. Mocktails also available for those who not consume alcohol.
  4. Voucher only valid for “Guided Bicycle Tour” customers. NOT Bicycle Rentals.

If you like to know more about the bar please visit TEP Facebook page by clicking HERE

Reservations are welcome and a MUST on Friday & Saturday. To do so please click HERE

DONT forget to ask us about this offer when done with your bicycle tour! These goodies are waiting for you to take and enjoy for a limited time only.

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