Bangkok Bike Tour video in 360 Free for you

Go Video 360!

At “Go” Bike Tour Bangkok & Rental we are always looking for new and exciting ways to spice up our trips and keep you guys thirsty for more adventure! With this in mind, we have enlisted the help of a fantastic new piece of 360 degree camera technology. The awesome new tech allows the user to take full 360 degree video footage that almost pulls the viewer into the environment and allows them to explore a typical Go Bangkok Tour experience.

It’s an amazing way for potential customers to immerse themselves in the Bangkok biking experience, and for existing adventurers to review their bicycle tours and relive the experiences again and again. You can get a taste of this unique camera action here, just remember to try moving the camera around by using the small track pad in the top left of the screen or by simply using your mouse or touch screen.

We will have a full video up on the site soon, when we have it polished to perfection! But we also aim to have our guides use this great feature during certain parts of future tours. Once you’ve finished your bicycle tour of Bangkok, you’ll be able to check out the 360 degree video and relive it when you’re back home, or any time that works for you!

Going the extra mile and providing unparalleled service and features is what we strive to do! We aim to send you off after your tour with an awesome Go USB stick, chock full of amazing photos and a fantastic Go 360 Video, so you can relive the experiences at your leisure. We still have quite a few things to iron out but we wanted to keep you in the loop with what we have coming.

So, whether you’re in the market for a new bike tour adventure through the vibrant sights and sounds of Bangkok, or you wish to review a tour you have taken in all its glory, then Go Bangkok Tours will soon have just the ticket!

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