Free USB stick with guided bike tours


Get a Free USB stick with guided tours!

At Go Bangkok Tours we value new and exhilarating experiences above all else, exactly the kind of thrills and excitement that all our travellers witness on expertly crafted tours! We understand that it is difficult to truly enjoy cycling around a new city if you’re trying to take photos.

So during every Go Bangkok Tour expedition our guides snap excellent photos at opportune moments, capturing the excitement and interesting characters that make up every journey. To show appreciation to our valued customers, we will be giving away specially designed Go Bangkok Bike Tour USB sticks, packed full of awesome photos of your journey! So, you will not only get to ride through the vibrant and electrifying city of Bangkok, but you will now be able to take the photos of the experience home with you to cherish forever, or simply share with family and friends.

Taking one of our Guided Tours, you will be expertly led by our professional guides, as you explore the intricate and amazing web of small alleys and roads that create this wonderfully rich and energetic city. You’ll experience new sights, sounds and aromas which your guide will capture by taking pictures of you and your tour as the adventure unfolds.

Once the journey has come to an end you will be able to take home the memories safely stored on your very own Go Bangkok Tours USB stick! So, take the opportunity to book with the best bicycle tour company inBangkok and revive the experience time and time again with the complimentary Go Bangkok Tours USB stick, crammed full of amazing photos of the sites and people you met along the way!

Dont Saddle for Less! Go get your free USB on guided bike tours now!


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